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Christmas in Bulgaria

Despite being a majority Eastern Orthodox country, Bulgarians celebrate Christmas on December 25.

On Christmas Eve, Bulgarians make sure to invite an odd number of guests for a meal and there must also always be an odd number of dishes on the table. Vegetables like stuffed peppers, as well as fruits and walnuts, are most commonly found on the table on Christmas Eve.

Christmas – Рождество Христово, also Коледа, Божик or Божич

snow – сняг

wreath – венец

fireplace – камина

Santa Claus – Дядо Коледа

reindeer – северен елен

elf – елф

gift – подарък

Snowman – снежен човек

Merry Christmas! – Весела Коледа!

Have a happy New Year! – Щастлива Нова Година!