Gogu Education

Merry Christmas! – Glædelig jul!

nisse – goblin (Scandinavian-style, like a small Santa Claus )
nissehue – nisse cap
julekalender – Advent calendar (24 pieces of chocolate/24 pictures/24 small gifts etc. for each day between Dec. 1st and Dec. 24th!)
kalenderlys – Advent calendar candle (the number 1-24 are printed on the candle, and you burn a small piece every day!)
adventskrans – advent wreath (four candles, with one being lit each Sunday leading up to jul)
guirlander – festoons (lots of streets are pyntet, decorated, with festoons of gran, spruce!)
julepynt – Christmas decorations
julefrokost – Christmas party (every club or workplace makes one!)
risengrød – rice porridge
gløgg – warm mulled wine (with or without alcohol), often served with rosiner (raisins), mandler (almonds)
småkager – cookies; several kinds are eaten only during the Xmas season, for example
brunkager – ”brown cookies”
pebernødder – ”pepper nuts”
klejner – cookies that are baked in fat like donuts, but look like bows/knots

juleaften – Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th is the Great Day in Denmark!)
juletræ – Christmas tree
juletræsfod – the ”foot” used to make a Christmas tree stand in stuen (the sitting room)
at gå/danse rundt om juletræet – walking/dancing around the Christmas tree (yes, lots of Danes actually do this!)
julegaver – Christmas gifts
stjerne – star
hjerte – heart
kræmmerhus – cornets (as pynt on juletræet)
stearinlys – ”live” candles
julemanden – Santa Claus
julesange – Christmas carols/songs
and/gås/kalkun – duck/goose/turkey (the traditional Christmas main dishes!)
brunede kartofler – caramelled potatoes
risalamande [rissallaMANG] – a sweet dessert made of risengrød and fløde (cream). People hide a mandel (almond) in it; the lucky one to find it gets the
mandelgave – a special gift associated with the eating of risalamande. Sometimes the gift may be a
marcipangris – marzipan pig
sammen – together