Gogu Education

Babbo Natale – Santa Claus

Renna – Reindeer

Albero di Natale – Christmas Tree

Palla dell’albero di Natale – Christmas Tree Ball

Regalo, dono, presente, strenna – gift

Giocattoli – toys

L’agrifoglio – holly

Candela – candle

Angioletto – angel

Campanelle – bell

Ghirlanda – garland

Rametto di Vischio – mistletoe

Presepio – crib

Fiocco di Neve – Snowflake

Pupazzo di Neve – Snowman

Slitta – Sleigh

Pandoro – Traditional Veronese sweet, made with fine flour, sugar, butter, eggs and yeast; it has a truncated cone shape with large straight ribs, and is served sprinkled with vanilla sugar.

Panettone – Typical Milanese dessert, with a characteristic dome shape, which legend attributes to the Visconti court of the end of the 14th century; the processing of the ingredients (flour, yeast, butter, sugar, salt, cedar, sultanas, and egg yolks) is carried out through multiple doughs and leavening.

Mandorlato di Cologna Veneta – a dessert produced in the Cologna Veneta area, typical of the Christmas holidays, produced with four ingredients: honey, sugar, egg white and almonds.

Torrone al cioccolato – Nougat chocolate bar

Budino – Pudding

Pan di zenzero – Gingerbread