You are welcome to do any of the following:

  • You may use the materials in your classroom, home, public or school library, hospital, church, or with a child in your care. You may print copies needed for this use.
  • You may share the materials in printed form only, as long as you are not selling them, and you document the source (
  • You may pin things to Pinterest or post online about a printable: You may take a picture of a child using activities and post to Instagram, Facebook, etc., giving credit to

Please do not do any of the following:

  • You may not share any content from this site (text, ideas, photos, printables, etc.) on file sharing sites, such as Facebook Groups, Amazon Inspire, or any similar file sharing site. You may not upload files to school district websites or any online or electronic sharing services.
  • You may not use my resources on Outshool.
  • You may not republish any content from this site on other websites or blogs. Please share a link to the page the activity is found on instead. Do not include my activities, photos, printables in your e-book or other document.
  • You may not sell any content from this site in digital or printed form.
  • You may not link directly to any printable (or image). Instead, please link to the page where the printable is located.
  • You may not claim files as your own.